Pull List Reviews - 2012/06/13

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  • Nu52
    • Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #10: Apparently Matt Kindt is writing it, though Lemire's been credited on the first prints. Ponticelli, thankfully is still on it. I love Ponticelli, and enjoyed his inks rather than the lighter look he's been given by other inkers, but morons have been complaining so here we are. Whatever, it's still Ponticelli. What a beast. Kindt is just as good as Lemire on this book. 9/10
    • Green Lantern #10. Doug Mahnke is a monster. Black Hand racing to die before the Indigo ring gets back on his finger is a great moment by Johns. When's a Mahnke/Johns Black Hand tpb/mini coming out? 9/10
    • Batman #10. Interesting twist. Love that they're including a lengthy backup so I don't mind the $3.99 price point. Capullo has moved in there with Aparo, Mazuchelli et. al as a definitive Batman penciller. Is this the Batman run of this era? 8.5/10
    • Legion Lost #10. DeFalco apparently has taken over on Legion Lost and his first non-culling issue is good. I'm sad to see the Legion back in the present. Pete Woods has said in recent interviews that he's moved over to digital pencilling and it seems like he's still trying to find his feet with it. But it's Pete Woods, so it's still pretty good. 7/10
    • Ravagers #2. Ian Churchill is one of my favorite pencillers ever. Mackie's script is decent but I just want The Culling to be over. These kind of books post-event new titles (think of the relaunched Cable after Messiah Complex) rarely, if ever, work for me. 6/10.
    • Superboy #10. DC has had some tremendous fill-in artists since the Nu52 launched. Gene Ha, Andy Kubert, Aaron Kuder, George Perez and now Sebastian Fiumura have all done fill-ins in recent months. Fiumura is an excellent penciller and Lobdell does a good job on this teen dramedy. Interesting twist at the end. 7/10
  • Marvel
    • Fantastic Four #607. Hickman is killing it on these shorter stories. Camuncoli kills it on a great last page. 8/10
  • Still in my read pile
    • The Massive #1
    • Batman & Robin #10